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Shopping? You Will Love Camarillo, California

Updated: May 12

Camarillo Premium Outlets

The adventure in Camarillo unfolds with surprises beyond expectations, starting at the sprawling Camarillo Premium Outlet malls, boasting 160 stores with brand names and amazing prices for the entire family.

Situated conveniently off the 101, it's a shopper's paradise close to everything, inviting visitors to stop in, stay at nearby hotels, and shop to their heart's content.

But Camarillo offers more than just shopping; it's home to the unique Commemorative Air Force SoCal Wing, where World War II aircraft are restored and flown, offering thrilling rides for enthusiasts of all ages.

The city's name, like many others, comes from its founder, Adolfo Camarillo, and his family, who were ranchers and entrepreneurs instrumental in developing the city's legacy, which lives on to this day.

Beyond retail therapy and aviation history, Camarillo boasts the breathtaking Adolfo Camarillo Ranch and House, a must-visit spot offering insight into the city's rich heritage.

Accommodations in Camarillo include the family-owned Bella Capri Hotel and Suites, centrally located in Old Town Camarillo, offering wedding venues, a charming cafe, conference rooms, and wedding blocks for a memorable stay experience.


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The Camarillo Premium Outlets continue to dazzle with a wide array of premium brands like Banana Republic, Nike, and Marc Jacobs, offering luxury goods at bargain prices, making it a destination worth the trip from Orange County or anywhere else.

Moreover, visitors can explore unique stores like Lindy Loops gift store, offering whimsical and one-of-a-kind items, or delve into the artistic creations of local artisans like Liz and Karen, who craft resin products with dried flowers and cozy blankets.


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Camarillo, California

As the journey through Camarillo unfolds, it becomes evident that this hidden gem offers a perfect blend of history, shopping, and hospitality, inviting visitors to explore its charms and create lasting memories.

So, here's to Camarillo, a city waiting to be discovered and cherished.


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