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Exploring Santa Maria Valley: A Journey Through California's Best

Updated: May 12

Pat Pattison's Best of California explores the vibrant Santa Maria Valley, showcasing its wineries and family farm experiences. With affordable accommodations and enticing midweek specials, Santa Maria Valley invites travelers to experience its unique charm and natural beauty.

Visiting Santa Maria Valley: Unveiling California's Hidden Gems

While relishing the Santa Maria Valley experience, Pat highlighted key attractions and offerings a glimpse into the diverse experiences available, from wine tasting and farm tours to outdoor adventures and career transformation opportunities in the region.

At Rancho Sisquoc Winery, located in Santa Maria Valley, is a sprawling 37,000-acre estate privately owned by the Flood Family. Here, visitors explore the expansive ranch and sample renowned wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Sylvaner. Rancho Sisquoc also boasts a unique white wine, Sylvaner. Visitors can experience the charm of this historic winery while enjoying wine tastings amidst picturesque vineyards.

Rebecca and Pat Pattison, reminisce in a lively discussion, about the beloved film "Sideways," the Iconic Wine Movie. They discuss favorite scenes, with Rebecca expressing her affection for the film's portrayal of their local area in Central California and the inclusion of familiar faces. Meanwhile, Pat enthusiastically recalls his personal favorite scene featuring Paul Giamatti and the infamous dump bucket. The dialogue highlights the deep connection viewers feel to the film's setting and its depiction of the region's landscapes and experiences, providing insight into the enduring appeal of "Sideways" among fans.

Wine Tasting at Rancho Sisquoc Winery

Learn about and savor the flavors of Santa Maria Valley at Rancho Sisquoc Winery, located amidst the scenic landscapes of the region. With sprawling vineyards and captivating views, Rancho Sisquoc offers an unforgettable wine-tasting experience.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, California Properties, offers comprehensive services for those transitioning to the next chapter of their lives, particularly seniors looking to downsize or explore senior living communities. With a focus on easing the process of selling homes and providing resources for downsizing assistance and estate planning, their dedicated team helps individuals navigate this significant life change with ease.

Another of Santa Maria Valley's Hidden Gems:

Started by retired Navy veterans Ron Dewey and Judy Polson, this family-owned farm showcases their dedication to sustainable agriculture and passion for producing quality crops.

Step into a captivating journey through the coastal landscapes of Santa Maria Valley with Judy Polson and Ron Dewey, the dynamic duo behind a remarkable family farm. Nestled amidst the valley's picturesque scenery, their farm offers an exclusive opportunity for travelers to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature while indulging in a unique farm experience. With appointment tours available, visitors can explore the intricacies of the farm's operations and delve into its rich history, guided by Ron's insightful narration.


As you traverse the farm's sprawling acres, Ron shares the story of their humble beginnings, recounting the challenges and triumphs they faced in establishing their lemon orchards. Despite initial setbacks, their determination led to the expansion of the farm, with Judy's passion for exploration driving the introduction of coffee and tea cultivation. From learning about the delicate art of growing coffee amidst Santa Maria Valley's temperamental climate to indulging in a sensory coffee tasting experience, every moment on the farm tour promises a delightful adventure.

Experience firsthand the cultivation of lemons, coffee, and tea, and indulge in tastings of their homegrown produce, including the exquisite Geisha cherries. Learn about the challenges and rewards of farming in the region while immersing yourself in the tranquility of the farm.

With warm hospitality and a genuine love for their craft, Ron and Judy have transformed their farm into a sanctuary, inviting travelers to savor the simple joys of farm life in the heart of California's Santa Barbara wine country.


A testimonial from Jennifer Harrison, Director of Marketing & Communications, Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce


In Santa Maria Valley, we pride ourselves in our iconic barbecue and unpretentious wine tasting experiences, and Pat Pattison and the Best of California crew took the time to truly understand what our destination is all about. We highly recommend working with Pat Pattison’s Best of California to reach national audiences. 


Getaway to the Santa Maria Valley

From the lush vineyards of Rancho Sisquoc to the serene landscapes of Oso Flaco Lake, Santa Maria Valley beckons with an array of captivating experiences and hidden treasures waiting to be explored. Whether you're indulging in farm-fresh delights or embarking on outdoor adventures, Santa Maria Valley offers something for every traveler to enjoy.

Overall, Santa Maria Valley promises a memorable getaway with its blend of wine, food, and outdoor activities, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking relaxation and adventure in the heart of California.


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