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Pat Pattison's
Best of California
TV Show

On the road to explore the best places & best things to do in CA! History , mysteries , people , places , food and more! Host Pat Pattison keeps you posted on the Best of the Golden State. A former Disney Executive, Pat is a native Californian who's family has been here since the 1890s.


The TV show is a fast-paced half hour show that explores the natural wonder, people, history and mysteries of the California Lifestyle. California native and TV Host Pat Pattison explores the state’s nooks and crannies from the historic backlots of Hollywood, famous California Cuisine all the way to the mansions of the Gold Rush and Silicon Valley. The world’s fifth-largest economy Pat Pattison's The Best of California ” offers us a window into the future, past and present of one of the world’s most dynamic places. See us Sundays at 7:30am on KAZA ch 54 (MeTV) Los Angeles and on most cable and satellite systems in Southern California.

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